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Welcome to our exclusive Esther Price Wedding Chocolate Collection!
We are no strangers to making exquisite-tasting chocolates; in fact, we have been doing it for over 90 years! We are steeped in our chocolate- making traditions and our customers have repeatedly told us we are an unforgettable part of their families’ traditions.
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What Customers Say...

"We are so pleased with the new website and the ease of ordering our absolute favorite chocolates from Esther Price.. couldn't be happier!"

Sue, from California See More See More

"Traveled to Europe and sampled chocolates in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and England. Esther Price is better than any we tasted. I started buying E.P. in the 1960's and it's my favorite store in Dayton"

Carol, from Ohio See More See More

"We had our own candy taste-off from all over at the Pentagon and Esther Price won hands down. I buy some every time I come to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (in Dayton, Ohio)."

Joyce, from Virgina See More See More