Esther Price Testimonials

“I grew up in Dayton, OH and on Esther Price Chocolates. I remember as a little girl my mom always getting us chocolates for special occasions. It was always such a treat for us to get Esther Price. When we moved away I was shocked to find out that it was such a local commodity, like the old saying goes, you don't know what you've got until it’s gone. We truly did not know how good we had it growing up with Esther Price. Now every time we come to Ohio to visit family we always stop either by the Esther Price store or by Kroger’s and get some chocolate. Thank you for making your chocolate the best in the country!!”

Catherine S.

North Carolina

“I recently tried a box of your “opera creams” and mixed dark chocolates for the first time. All your flavors are fantastic! There wasn't one I didn't like! The opera creams (my favorite) just melt in my mouth! They are much richer than any other opera creams I have tried. It is very obvious that your company cares deeply about old fashioned quality - something that is so rare in any product these days. And I love the fact that it is made in America by a family owned small company that has retained the original recipes of Esther Price. Congratulations in making the best candy I have ever tasted in my entire life!”

T. Britton


“I am from South Carolina and married a man from Tipp City, OH. I love chocolate, and I remember the first time that my husband picked up a box of Esther Price from the big department store at Meijer. I sure wasn't expecting such an extraordinary chocolate! Now, anytime either of us go for a visit, I have to bring home a box. I even buy extra for gifts now! I think that I might even like your chocolate better than what my husband used to bring home from Switzerland, and that is saying something because that was darn good chocolate too! Anyway, my husband just got home from another trip, and I had just opened the box and thought I should just let you know how much I have enjoyed your product!”

J. Shefmire

South Carolina

“I am having my very first cup of Esther Price Hot Chocolate. WOW, it is great. I am not a coffee drinker so hot chocolate is my hot beverage of choice. I have travelled around the world and this is the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for making this available to all of us hot chocolate drinkers.”

Nancy G.

New Canaan, CT

“Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful product. We first discovered Esther Price while living in Dayton many years ago. My wife fell in love with your opera crèmes and I have ordered them from you for Christmas, birthdays, mother’s day and so on. When we moved to Wisconsin we took the tradition of your candies under the Christmas tree with us. Our daughter has grown up with Esther Price and demands them for her special occasions! I have purchased your candies as a thank you to secretaries for helping me out. We are happy to spread the word about “the best chocolate anywhere” to all we meet. Thanks again for a great product.”

Steve S.

Iowa City, IA

“I was introduced to your chocolates about a year ago after receiving a box as a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter-in-law. I have always bought the best chocolates..usually Godiva’s, etc. I also have a friend who is from Belgium and brings me chocolates….but, I must say…. I believe your chocolates are the best I have ever eaten. I did not know you existed a year ago but from now on, when I buy chocolates, they will be Esther Price!!!”

Sandy C.

Wilminton, NC

“Nobody would ever buy Godiva candy again if they tasted Esther Price! I was looking for a special present for my stepmother, who loves candy. Through web searches I found your site and browsed around it. Then I went to Meijer’s and purchased two boxes for her and two more for myself and my mother. Mom and I are enjoying your fabulous chocolates and I know my stepmother will hint for more once her two boxes are gone!

Your creams are so rich and smooth and the taste is superior to anything I've ever had. I’m a customer for life! Just thought I would let you know that your chocolate is so superb that I'm surprised I can afford it! Thank you so much for a quality product at an affordable price.”

Rebecca S.

Springfield, OH

“To the makers of the best chocolates in the world,

My parents moved to Ohio in 1956 when my dad started working for a tool company. He worked with a man with the last name of Price whose sister made candy. Mr. Price would bring in boxes of candy to sell to his co-workers at the shop. I was young at the time, but I remember how excited we were to see the gold box with the red ribbon. We lived in Blue Ash and often drove by the house with the big kettle in the front and the “Esther Price” sign. I think it was on Montgomery Rd.

When I married, I let my husband know that any birthday, anniversary, or holiday chocolates had to be Esther Price, and he has been a fan for 36 years. We have given and received them as gifts for years. They have even been sent around the world to family members in the military. We each have a favorite, and the peanut butter with the heart on top has always been mine.

My dad died in 2002, and we all remember the box of his favorite candy in the dining room. My mom came for a visit recently and, as families do, we started talking about past times. We decided to let you know how long your chocolates have been appreciated by our family. We still bring "Esther" home with us when we visit Ohio. Thank you for many years of great chocolate.”

D. Thompson

Bardstown, KYH

“Just wanted to say if not for your email I would have forgotten to order candy. It is a tradition my grandmother started years ago. Every Christmas she would get us all a box of chocolates. It became such a tradition to receive that gold box with the red ribbon. When she passed away, that tradition was over. I think I will start it again. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and went to the original store many times as a youngster. So thank you for keeping the chocolates exactly as they always were. My Mother and brother will be surprised at Christmas and I am sure that gold box of chocolates will bring very warm memories of Grandma and many Christmas's past. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to all!”

Susan L.

Tampa, FL

“Traveled to Europe and sampled chocolates in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and England. Esther Price is better than any we tasted. I started buying E.P. in the 1960’s and it’s my favorite store in Dayton.”

Carol C.


“We started a family tradition of leaving a box of Esther Price chocolates on the pillow when we leave, after we stay with our grown-up kids. They won’t come right out and say it, but they really look forward to this parting thank you.”

Visiting Grandparents


“I can go without power, I can go without water, but I can’t go without Eshter Price Candy!”

Customer after Hurricane Ike Dayton-area Power Outage


“We had our own candy taste-off from all over at the Pentagon and Esther Price won hands down. I buy some every time I come to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (in Dayton, Ohio).”

Joyce B