Jack's Story

Meet Jack! Jack is a rambunctious little boy, full of life, wonder, and promise. At birth Jack was diagnosed with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV ) which he contracted in utero. CMV is a common virus that can infect almost anyone, but if contracted while in utero it can cause many complications to the unborn child, including neurological damage, blindness, and hearing loss. Jack’s exposure to the CMV virus caused him neurological damage, motor delays in his development and profound hearing loss. He spent the first fifteen days of his tiny little life in NICU where the doctors weren’t sure he would even survive. Jack was a fighter and continues to be a fighter to this day! Surrounded by love and caring doctors Jack’s story can now live on to encourage others.

After learning about the amazing work Ohio Valley Voices (OVV) does for children with hearing loss, Jack’s family knew they wanted to enroll Jack as early as possible so that he could have a higher chance of learning spoken language. Located in Loveland, OH OVV is a center where children from birth to eight years old can receive a wide variety of services including speech, language, physical and occupational therapies and a fully equipped audiology clinic. OVV’s focus is to teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk.

Jack enrolled in OVV’s parent/infant program at just four months old and he received cochlear implants at nine months old. Not only is Jack profoundly deaf but he has neurological damage to several areas of his brain. Jack has had to fight hard to overcome all of these challenges. Jack finally mastered walking a few days short of his second birthday. It was a huge accomplishment for him and his excited family.

Jack continues to make tremendous strides in his speaking and overall development due to his determination and the many services he is provided at OVV.

Jack loves his friends at school, his two big brothers, and playing outside. This year Jack moved from OVV’s toddler program into the preschool, which is a full school day where he receives instruction in speech, auditory training, and language intervention.

Jack’s family is so proud of his many accomplishments! They are extremely grateful for OVV and all the dedication and love they provide to not only him, but all the children at OVV. Jack’s future is extremely bright and we cannot wait to see what his future holds!.

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